The population in Hong Kong is very high. If the people neglect or lack of fire safety precautions, even one mistake, it may occur home destroyed, and also be life-threatening. To ensure the safety of lives and properties, we have to pay attention to things that may occur fire. Early prevention, it can avoid suffering disaster. Therefore, we introduce rental of fire extinguishers’ service plans for preventing from fire disaster.

Rental Fire Extinguishers

We provide 3 types of Our rental fire extinguishers which are dry powder fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher and water fire extinguisher.

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

It is using powder which is suitable for fighting a small fire like careless of cooking fire. Using dry powder fire extinguishers can bring damage to a minimum. Thus, serious damage can be avoided because of the use of water.
Usually 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher can spray last for about eight seconds. It is able to extinguish the general small household fire in normal circumstances.

Uses: Extinguish most fires, such as the burning of combustible liquid, metal products, electrical equipment or small fire from machinery.
  1. Pull safety pin.
  2. Hold extinguisher upright.
  3. Aim at base of fire.
  4. Squeeze lever and sweep side to side.

Caution: Do not use dry powder fire extinguishers to spray human or animals who are on fire, so the wound is difficult to recover.

11cm x 30cm (width x height)

Why rent Fire Extinguishers?

Rental fire extinguishers have more benefits than purchasing, the following information is as your reference.

Rental Purchase
1. Ensure the normal operation of fire extinguishers yes no
2. Teach how to use fire extinguishers properly yes no
3. Economic yes no
4. No worry about disposal of expired fire extinguishers yes no
5. Ensure every fire extinguisher being recognized by Hong Kong Fire Services Department yes question
6. Inspected by qualified contractors annually yes question
7. Provide certificates of fire service installations and equipment yes question