DO NOT use dry powder fire extinguisher to spray human or animal who is on fire, because it will make the wound more difficult to heal. It should be extinguished with fire blanket.

Because most of our service plans focus on online marketing, thus saving a lot of advertising costs and direct sales, lowering operating costs, as well as direct marketing by insiders.  It is free of commission to distributors or brokers.

  • PayPal
  • Online Visa or online Master
  • Cash paid directly to our staff in the installation day
  • Make your payment directly into our HSBC’s bank account: 614-051001-838.
  • Pay your cheque to our company via HSBC’s Cash Deposit Machines. Enter our account: 614-051001-838 and order ID.

After proceeding an order, we will contact with you within five working days to schedule the installation time and place. In the installation day, our staff will explain the correct way to use the fire extinguisher.

Our staff not only accepted our company’s professional training, but also complied with the relevant recognized qualifications including the installation and application.

As there are inspections by Government in workplace, but not in household place. Usually, residents lack of awareness of fire prevention. In case of a fire, it will cause big damages of life and properties. So we hope to improve the public awareness of fire through our services.

They should be stored in a conspicuous place, and also avoided the sun and stored in a place closed to the fire source.

Please call our customer service hotline: 35250111 to arrange the replacement. Please refer to Service Terms & Conditions of Rental Fire Extinguisher for more details.