Owing to dense buildings and crowded population in Hong Kong, it will spread rapidly if fire occurs which causes serious consequences. Although there is an experienced and well-trained fire team, and even many advanced fire-fighting equipments which can minimize casualties and properties damaged, fire occurred a lot each year due to negligence or lack of knowledge of fire prevention.

In view of this, the purpose of our company established is to provide an all-in-one rental services of fire extinguishers to let the public get a better life.

The first company in Hong Kong,

  • providing rental services of fire extinguishers,
  • providing hand-site installations and teaching how to use fire extinguishers properly,
  • providing an on-site inspection or replacement fire extinguishers,
  • providing certificates of fire service installations and equipment,
  • all fire extinguishers being inspected by qualified fire service contractors, and
  • all fire extinguishers being recognized by Hong Kong Fire Services Department.